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To ensure a smooth shopping experience for you, here is some important information about our shipping.

Custom Shipping:
We know that every order is unique, just like your needs. For this reason, shipments of construction materials for raised flooring, both indoor and outdoor, are customized to ensure the utmost care in the delivery of your products.

Breakdown of Shipments: 
If the weight or amount of your order exceeds standard shipping limits, we will break it down into more manageable shipments. Each shipment will remain within the maximum values allowed by the transportation system.

Shipping Charges:
Shipping charges will be applied for each individual shipment. This allows us to keep the costs associated with the delivery service transparent and fair, while ensuring the integrity and timeliness of your goods.

Our mission is to exceed your expectations by providing you with high quality products accompanied by reliable shipping service. MyRaisedFloor is here to make your shopping experience extraordinary in every detail.

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