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GOBUILD SRL is a online trading company specializing in the promotion and sale through its online portals of innovative, technological, easy-to-install solutions to solve problems related to the supply and installation of traditional products in Building and Construction. For more information, visit the ABOUT US page.

By operating through our highly digital structure, based on online portals such as www.myraisedfloor.it, we are able to remain lean, dynamic and efficient, while best amortizing the management and operational costs that weigh heavily on traditional companies.

GOBUILD makes Product Catalogs available through its Network of portals, to be purchased conveniently from a PC, tablet or smartphone. The portal www.myraisedfloor.it, for example, offers products and accessories for indoor and outdoor raised flooring.

The company GOBUILD SRL currently has its Offices at. Via Prima Strada 20, internal 10, in the Industrial Zone in Padua (PD). Guests are received by appointment only. Email us to arrange time and reason for your visit.


The shopping experience follows that of major e-commerce sites; the only requirement is to register on the portal, indicating your customer type and other useful information to make your experience even more personalized.

We ship online orders directly to your home or to the designated construction site. You can also pick them up at our warehouse, or delegate third parties by filling out the proxy form and handing it to the person making the collection.

A product lacks the add to cart button in case it is selectable in multiple variants; we recommend that you access the product page and select from the multiple choice menus the features of the product you wish to purchase.

In case a product is out of stock, therefore not present at the moment in our Catalog, contact us directly to request a re-integration and we will take action to get it to you as soon as possible.

Yes, you can do this from your account or directly during the product cart checkout process.

You can contact us at our general email; we recommend that you first read all the FAQs, as well as visit the product pages in which you are interested, as we try to include as much useful information as possible.

You can request a free sample of all items in the catalog under certain conditions listed for each item, paying the shipping costs yourself.

You can download a copy of your invoices by registering on the site with your customer number. You will find them in the “Account” > “Personal Orders” > “My Bills”

Find all the information you need on the page ofdelivery times and costs.

GOBUILD currently does not perform installation service. It makes use of a network of professional installers, located throughout the country. These installers operate independently of the GOBUILD company and are solely responsible for the work for which they serve.

GOBUILD puts you in touch with the professional best suited to your case, following your purchase or for an initial inspection, ensuring that whoever contacts you is a professional installer and registered on our portal.

Disagreeus to change the order already confirmed; it is preferable to cancel it completely, hoping it has not already been shipped. In case it has already been shipped, you should follow the directions provided by the form return merchandise.

We ship throughout Italy except to the Islands and a few other locations.

The right of withdrawal is valid for any online order, within 14 days of receipt of the goods.

We have prepared a guide onhow to request withdrawal.


Guests are received by appointment only. Email us to arrange in advance the time and purpose of your visit.

Of course, when you place your orderyou are provided with a proxy form; fill it out and give it to the person who will make the pickup.


Most of the products in the catalog on this site contain, on the relevant product page, a description, details of technical characteristics, an in-depth data sheet as well as resources made available directly from the manufacturers themselves. In addition, you can check out the free guides. If you cannot find the information you need on the site, you can always contact us to ask for our support.

To calculate the quantity of product to be ordered,the dimensions of the area to be paved/coated must be measured to obtain the “net” square meters of plates or slats needed, to which the percentage of “scrap” should be added. We always recommend adding a 10% scrap. In any case, when purchasing interior and exterior wall and floor covering products, our automatic calculators will kick in to tell you which products and quantities to add to your cart, for a complete floor of all the items you need.

Scrap is the waste resulting from cutting or drilling operations that will be necessary during the laying phase. This percentage should take into account the joint size, as a larger joint size implies less tile consumption, and the installation pattern, as fewer tiles are needed for a horizontal installation than for a diagonal installation choice.

The choice of format also affects the amount to be considered for waste: in fact, a small format such as a 20×20 cm or a 30×30 cm has less waste than a large format. It should also be considered that the presence of some critical elements, such as columns for a cladding or irregular room shapes (trapezoids or triangles), imply a greater amount of waste during the laying phase.

Finally, all things being equal, the rule of thumb is that the larger the rooms to be paved, the smaller the amount to be considered for scrap will be. Finally, consider that a minimum of 10 percent waste is necessary to proceed with the installation of any floor or wall covering. In case you have leftover material you can always return it, although we recommend keeping it aside for future replacement of damaged or time-worn floor parts.

No, we do not sell second-rate products. There is on the portal a outlet section where to buy cheaper, but still quality and technically sound products. These products cost less because they could be produced by foreign Companies or otherwise be made from materials with weights and characteristics that make the final products cheaper, both because of their final form and because of the less expensive process through which they are produced.

We are available both at our office and through face-to-face online video-call sessions. Book your slot and resolve your doubts and questions.


Find all the information you need on the page ofdelivery times and costs.

Yes. For orders destined for overseas, we ask that you contact us in advance, or ask an employee in the store. Transportation costs in this case vary depending on the country of destination.

It is not possible to change the delivery address when the order has already been shipped.

Sure, upon shipment you will receive an email containing order tracking information.

Yes, if you place an order online you can associate different billing and delivery addresses with your profile.

Most of our products are shipped on pallets, given the weight and bulk. We use specialized couriers to make deliveries at street level, on public, paved and flat roads. Depending on the size of your order and the entrusting carrier of your order, you may receive phone contact before delivery.

In case you are contacted by phone by the courier, you will be informed about the delivery availability to arrange day and time slot (morning/afternoon). In the event that you are not contacted by phone, the courier will make an initial delivery attempt and, if you are absent, will leave a notice to report the changeover, contacting you later to schedule an appointment.

At the time of delivery, you must sign the transport document for receipt.We ask you to verify that:

the name listed on each parcel is the name you indicated when ordering

the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the courier’s accompanying document

the packaging is intact, not damaged, or wet or altered.

That there is an exact match between the number of products ordered and those delivered.

Otherwise we advise you to sign the transport document with RESERVE TO CHECK, pointing out the presence of any damages, crushed corners, holes.

Remember to apply a specific CONTROL RESERVE (damaged packaging, missing package, etc…).

Then contact our Customer Service Department within 5 working days after delivery.

N.B. In the event that the courier’s transport document is signed without any report, we will not be able to accept claims about external damage or mismatch of the number of packages.

After taking all the recommended precautions above, write to our Customer Service Department.

If you placed an online order, fill out the form regarding complaints. We ask you to send us photos of the product that expose the problem.

Send an email including at least 3 photos of the product and a copy of the shipping document or accompanying invoice signed subject to specific control.

Finally, in the body of the email include anything that you think will help us to properly evaluate your complaint.

The courier in this case will return the goods to his warehouse and contact you again later to arrange a new appointment. You may be charged additional drop-off fees if it was agreed upon and not met by you.

Transportation costs in case of returned products will be your responsibility.


We accept payments by Bank Transfer, Visa, PostePay, Apple Pay, Google Pay. Instead, we do not accept payments from the American Express circuit. If you are using cards with different circuits than those indicated above and the payment procedure is in error, then, we ask you to delete the items from the cart, log out and redo the order procedure from the beginning.

We currently have no active financing plans.

We do not accept cash on delivery as a method of payment.

Yes. You can place your order online and pay by Bank Transfer for Tax Benefits. In your home banking or at the counter of your bank, you will have to specify the issuance of a transfer for Tax Benefits ART.16-BIS DPR 917-1986; as the reason or invoice number we kindly ask you to specify the order number provided at the time of purchase.

Upon receipt of the transfer, an initial invoice is issued, which shows ”CUSTOMER ADVANCE”.

An invoice is then issued regarding the delivery of the goods; this includes a description of the products purchased and references to previously issued documents for tracking movements, valid for tax deduction.

They will then be present:

the quote/order number used in the reason for the transfer;

The invoice number related to the payment ”CUSTOMER ADVANCE”.

Keep all documents issued and the bank transfer payment account.

In order to place an online order with 4% or 10% VAT, we kindly ask you to provide us with the documents certifying the possibility of benefiting from the benefits, issued by the competent authorities (send them to our customer service department via this contact form). To find out if you can take advantage of the preferential VAT, you can read our Guide on facilities.


The right of withdrawal applies to any order placed online, within 14 days of receipt of the goods.

We have prepared a guide on how to apply for withdrawal.

You can contact our customer service department and get us the relevant return/exchange form completed.

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