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AUTOADHESIVE JUNCTION BAND 150MM is an accessory for synthetic turf surfaces. It is a self-bonding bituminous band adhered on a side-used to facilitate the laying and bonding of synthetic turf rolls

  • Ideal for artificial turf raised floors
  • Recommended on perfectly flat surfaces
  • To be placed with the self-adhesive part facing upward
  • Quick and easy compared with geo-textile band and polyurethane glue
  • Single roll having length 10 meters, width 15 centimeters.

Sold in boxes of no. 4 rolls. Minimum order no. 4 rolls.



AUTOADHESIVE JUNCTION BAND 150MM is an accessory in roll form for synthetic turf surfaces. It is a self-bonding bituminous band adhered on one side-used to facilitate the laying and bonding of synthetic grass rolls, for the construction of outdoor synthetic grass green pavements, including raised ones.

The installation of synthetic turf.

Synthetic grass turf can be installed on a variety of pavements and/or surfaces although in most cases it will replace the natural soil found in a garden and/or flowerbed. The installation of a synthetic turf can be divided into two macro procedures: preparation of the subgrade and the laying of the synthetic turf. The preparation stage, in the case of laying on an existing garden and/or flower bed, is in turn divided into the following stages: weeding, scotching, reloading, leveling and stabilizing, and laying of the root-resistant geo-textile. Instead, the laying process involves studying the area and how to set up the synthetic turf rolls, their subsequent cutting, and finally bonding using available accessories. This is where the AUTOADHESIVE JOINT BAND comes in, a valuable ally in the final stage of bonding the coats together.

Bonding by means of adhesively bonded band

The classic method for bonding synthetic turf, both for decorative and sports achievements, is to use the 30 cm wide geo-textile band together with polyurethane glue, either single or two-component. An alternative, quick and easy bonding method is to use a self-bonding bituminous band in roll form. This band will be placed with the bituminous self-bonding part protected by a protective film that we will remove later, upward. As with polyurethane adhesives, the two sides of the coat to be bonded should be lifted and the bituminous band placed, the protective film removed, the coats repositioned, and the coats pressed together, checking that they are well matched and flat. This method is recommended on perfectly flat surfaces without drainage problems, such as in the case of raised floors made with polypropylene grid and adjustable supports.

The clogging of the mantle

It is often recommended that the synthetic turf installation work be finished by infilling the turf using silica sand. The sand has the primary function of ballasting the mantle, giving it greater stability. This can lengthen fiber life and make it easier to clean the coat. It is recommended to use clean and dry sand for an amount from 3 kg/sq m of artificial turf lawn to 10 kg/sq m, depending on the height of the yarn. The grain size of sand is recommended between 0.3-1.0 mm. It will be the responsibility of the installer to estimate the correct amount of infill sand based on the height of the mantle fibers. To spread the sand on the turf, it is recommended touse a seeder and to straighten the fibers well before proceeding so that the sand penetrates well between them and does not remain on the surface. Brushing the turf with the dedicated brush can aid this process.

Synthetic turf raised floors

Adjustable supports provide the opportunity to have a finished plane from a minimum of 50 mm to a recommended maximum of 500 mm safely. Through the adjustment of the supports, and the subsequent installation of polypropylene grids on them to create a continuous plane for the laying of synthetic turf, a perfectly level, level floor can be achieved. This makes it possible to compensate for any slope of the roof slab. Typical applications of synthetic turf over polypropylene substrates and grids to create raised floors include terraces, balconies, and roofs.

Can also be used indoors

The coats are odorless, nontoxic (EN71-3 test), hypoallergenic, nonabsorbent (reduce mite and/or fungal growth), easily washed with water and marseille soap, and cleanable with a standard household vacuum cleaner. Also suitable for your small pets, our coats are a new way to better furnish interiors of homes, offices, and lobbies. The pleasure of decorating and giving personality to interiors.

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Model nameGB23BANGIU15
Length (cm)100
Width (cm)15
Height (cm)0.04

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Roll4 per box150×10000

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