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RUBBER ACUSTIC PAD 100X100MM is an expanded insulation layer having thickness of 3mm, size 100x100mm, applied under the base of the substrate, it acts as a separating layer and protects the substrate from metal substrates at the same time reducing the footstep noise

  • Applied under the base of the stand
  • Protects the subfloor from the laying of paving substrates
  • Decreases acoustic bridging between floor and subfloor
  • Manufactured from 100% high-density closed-cell modified foam material
  • Gluing to the floor surface is recommended for floor heights > 600 mm

Sold in boxes of no. 100 pieces – minimum order no. 100 pieces



PAD ACUSTIC RUBBER 100X100MM is a 3 mm thick, high-density, closed-cell, modified foam insulation layer measuring 100×100 mm. Applied under the base of the substrate, it acts as a separating layer to protect the waterproofing membrane from the flooring substrate. SCUDO also decreases the acoustic bridge created between the floor and the laying surface by preventing footfall noise.

GOBUILD’s SGC range of adjustable metal brackets consists of steel brackets that can be adjusted to ensure that raised indoor flooring is always level, versatile and easy to install. In particular, the SGC holder with conductive head is suitable for the installation of encapsulated panels with wood chipboard or gypsum fibre core, also part of the same product line, either directly supported on the head gasket with special fins, or fixed to the heads of the steel supports by means of self-tapping screws – corner lock system.

Special rusticated conductive head

GOBUILD’s SGC supports are characterised by a head with special raised embossing, arranged in a square shape, to ensure conductivity and avoid electrostatic discharge. The head is complemented by a special anti-noise and anti-slip rubber gasket, with holes to allow the head bosses to escape and ensure conductivity directly from the heads of the supports. The anti-noise rubber gasket is equipped with 4-mm-thick fins to facilitate the installation of panels on top of the walkable floor supports for indoor use. The head height is adjustable so that the desired height for the raised floor can be achieved and the floor is always level. In particular, the GOBUILD SGC substrate is suitable for the installation of encapsulated panels with a wood chipboard or gypsum fibre core.

Floors walkable immediately, coatable after completion of work

The technology of encapsulated panels has the enormous advantage of being able to create floors that can be walked on immediately and can be covered after completion of the work. In fact, one of the big problems associated with indoor flooring is its implementation and subsequent maintenance in the best state, until the end of site work. The use of encapsulated steel sheet panels makes it possible to create walkable floors on site, which can be soiled and scored. In fact, once all the site work is finished, it will be very easy to cover the encapsulated floor with self-laying coatings to give the finished floor the finish you want. In fact, there are numerous alternatives for indoor floor coverings, which, thanks to their self-laying technology, allow them to be laid directly at the end of construction work, preserving their finish and quality until the spaces concerned are open to the public.

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Model namePADSBR1001003
Weight (Kg)0.1
Length (cm)10
Width (cm)10
Height (cm)0.3

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