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RAVAIOLI CLIP 4 HOOKS is a clip with full thread and flared round flat head (TPS). It is part of the accessories for the installation of decking and wpc planks for outdoor raised floors with an exotic wood, bamboo or wpc finish.

  • Recommended for installation with concealed or symmetrical milling on aluminium battens
  • Can be used in conjunction with timber or aluminium substructure battens
  • For use with 3.9X19MM screws

Sold in boxes of no. 200 pieces – minimum order no. 200 pieces



RAVAIOLI CLIP 4 GANCI is a clip with 4 hooks and 4 holes – 5 mm joint. It is part of the accessories for laying decking and wpc planks for outdoor raised floors with an exotic wood, bamboo or wpc finish. Can be used together with timber or aluminium substructure battens. Recommended for installation with concealed or symmetrical milling on aluminium battens.

A vision of sustainability

Attention and care for the environment around us have always characterized the overall vision of the large Ravaioli family, ever since it took its first steps in 1985 in a market that is constantly evolving, both technologically and ethically.
Starting from the concept of “ecological footprint,” which is linked to the consumption of natural resources that needs controls and awareness of the indelible scratches left in the planet, Ravaioli Legnami has long been on the path of green transition, both energy and environmental.

Concrete gestures and solutions for the good of the community and to defend everyone’s future. Innovative solutions, with controlled and verified impact both through the required certifi cations and through a more neighbor-friendly and caring way of understanding production. Exotic woods, for years imported from their countries of origin and an icon of style, aesthetics and durability are now finding substitutes that not only guarantee the same quality standards, but in different contexts provide better performance and the maintenance of that trademark class that has always distinguished the Ravaioli world. Eco-sustainable products that see the light of day thanks to specially designed crops, cared for and protected with new techniques that represent a future so concrete that it is already real and tangible.

Production conformity and certified products

Over the years, Ravaioli Legnami has implemented organization and production processes obtaining ISO5001 (International Standard for Energy Certification) recognition, also earning two stars for legality rating from the Italian Competition Authority. Certifications to guarantee quality and protect the customer, achieved through daily research for sustainability in procurement and production processes.

For all materials the company complies with the requirements of the European EUTR Timber Regulation, Regulation (EU) 995/2010 On the traceable origin of wood and for the materials indicated are. FSC® certifications available, PEFC and EPD®. Ravaioli has product sheets showing. Certified data for technical, physical, mechanical characteristics and properties for the conditions of use of individual materials. Data include those on durability, slipperiness, fire resistance, reflectance index, thermal transmittance. In addition, for material for structural use, such as suspended flooring and walkways, Ravaioli has CE Certification of Conformity of Factory Production Control.

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