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ROOFINGREEN NASTRO GOMMATO is a 3 mm thick rubberized adhesive tape used to facilitate the laying of Roofingreen NATUREM20 DRAIN modules for the construction of raised outdoor artificial turf floors.

  • To be glued to the top of the Roofingreen galvanized bars.
  • Greatly reduces the noise that would be generated due to footsteps
  • Made of non-slip, noise-reducing rubber
  • Equipped with an adhesive side

Sold in boxes of no. 20 pieces. Minimum order no. 20 pieces.



ROOFINGREEN RUBBER TASTRO is a rubberized tape having a thickness of 3 mm, adhesively bonded, used to facilitate the installation of Roofingreen NATUREM20 DRAIN modules for the construction of raised outdoor synthetic turf flooring. Rubberized tape should be used by gluing it to the top of the galvanized bars, elements on which the modules rest, through the adhesive side. The use of the rubberized adhesive tape greatly reduces the noise that would be generated due to trampling, due to the contact between the underside of the modules and the heads of the adjustable polypropylene supports.

Drainage and technology

Roofingreen NATUREM20 DRAIN modules consist of a thermoplastic base structure, a 10 mm foam middle layer and a surface layer of artificial turf. The materials do not absorb moisture, and the presence of invisible holes ensures the passage of surface water, making the surface of the artificial turf always dry and healthy and rainwater evacuated to the surface below. The yarns used for the green blanket are the result of an advanced, UV-stabilised technology. This allows excellent colour resistance to the aggression of solar radiation. Correctly joining tiles with dovetail profiles like a jigsaw puzzle results in a homogeneous flooring with a natural appearance and a high degree of comfort. ROOFINGREEN LEAF is designed for use in combination with adjustable support systems from the NM or B range to create a height-adjustable flooring system.

The form always rising to the occasion

In cooperation with ETERNO IVICA, Roofingreen has developed the “NM” line of supports dedicated to her. Height-adjustable supports offer the opportunity to have a finished plane from a minimum of 90 mm to a maximum of 800 mm safely. Through adjusting the supports, you can have a perfectly level floor and compensate for any slopes or unevenness of the roof slab. Nature M20 Drain modules are suitable for outdoor applications and can be installed on a wide range of underlying waterproofed surfaces. Typical applications include terraces, balconies, and roofs.

Thermal insulation and sound absorption

The insulating layer, together with the gap between the supporting surface and the surface, creates perfect thermal insulation and sound absorption. Ventilation in summer, protection from cold in winter. Therefore, noises are also muffled, throughout the year.

Energy saving and material recycling

The technical features of Roofingreen Leaf allow significant energy savings through the thermal insulation of the opaque envelope, avoid the waste of water resources and, thanks to a high recyclability rate of the materials, contribute to limiting waste production.

Convenience and practicality

Roofingreen Leaf offers a low and very competitive price compared to traditional natural grass turf solutions. In fact, maintenance costs are minimized and any replacement work is simple and immediate. The non-“tapped” profile of the modules allows for the removal of the individual module, in whatever position it is, without the need to work on the perimeter. This allows easy and quick maintenance of the underlying layers. The Roofingreen system is simply washed with water and antibacterial and antistatic detergents or, if desired, with the use of pressure washers or other equipment.

Attention to the environment: Green Spirit

Attention to the environment, a fundamental and indispensable element of every Roofingreen product, is given by the following capabilities: zero water consumption, high percentage of recyclable material and reversibility of the intervention, possibility of replacement of individual modules, dry construction.

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Model nameEI19_NAS
Length (cm)45
Width (cm)45
Height (cm)0.3

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