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ETERNOIVICA ALZA PIASTRA is an accessory to be used to remove or move an already laid paving slab

  • Indispensable for removing or moving an already laid plate
  • Has the ability to fit into 2-3-4 mm gaps between plates
  • Insert the tool into the joint and rotate it 90° to raise the plate with little effort.
  • Easy to grip and use
  • 100% steel product

Sold in boxes of no. 1 piece – minimum order no. 1 piece



ETERNOIVICA PLATE LIFT is an accessory from the Pedestal range, an indispensable tool if you want to remove or move an already laid paving slab. It can fit into 2-3-4 mm joints, easy to grip and use. Simply insert the tool into the joint and rotate it 90°, at which point the plate is raised with little effort.

Special two-component fixed head

ETERNOIVICA’s adjustable PEDESTAL supports are equipped with a special two-component fixed head with a white rubber top, which has a noise- and slip-resistant function. These features provide greater solidity to the finished floor and prevent the generation of annoying noises given by the contact between the plates and the bearing heads of the supports, while also reducing the transmission of footfall noise from the walking surface to the rooms below.

Adjustable support…proficient

The head height is adjustable, so that the desired height for the raised floor can be achieved, even when the floor is finished with the unique red adjustment key. The adjustable supports of the PEDESTAL NM line offer the opportunity to have a finished plane from a minimum of 25 mm to a maximum of 990 mm safely. Heights greater than 270 mm are achieved with NM supports in combination with the corresponding extensions, which can be installed up to a maximum of 5 units. Through the adjustment of NM supports you can have a perfectly level floor and compensate for any slope or unevenness of the roof slab. Support that can be used in conjunction with “TWIST 110” slope compensators to be inserted on the head to bring the walking surface always level.

Maximum performance, convenience and practicality

Maximum performance, convenience and practicality: ETERNO IVICA supports offer safety and durability, minimizing maintenance costs over the life of the raised floor. They make any work to replace the supports, or the plates installed on top of them, simple and straightforward. The smooth support base of 320 cm2 provides resistance to loads (certified) up to 3118 kg/m2. Supporting installation of the plates on the head of the supports allows the removal of individual elements, in whatever position they are, without the need to work on the perimeter. This allows easy and quick maintenance of the underlying layers.

70% recycled and 100% recyclable materials

ETERNOIVICA’s PEDESTAL adjustable supports are made of PP from 70 per cent recycled plastic, which is itself 100 per cent recyclable, weather and frost resistant, acid resistant, ageing resistant and UV resistant. This characteristic makes it one of the most sustainable products on the market, with minimal impact from the standpoint of energy consumption for its production and related emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. In addition, they guarantee superior durability throughout their entire useful life.

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Product Information

Model nameM030000100
Weight (Kg)0.045
Length (cm)0.203
Width (cm)0.108
Height (cm)2

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