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60,00 €/m2 excluding VAT 756,00 €/pack

INCAPSULATED TRUCIULAR INTR29CL 600x600MM is an encapsulated panel with a core of high-density ecological wood chipboard , encapsulated in press-folded galvanizedsteel sheet, for making raised floors for indoor use with the “Corner Lock” system that can be covered with self-laying coatings if necessary.

  • “Corner Lock” system
  • Total thickness 29 mm
  • Allows implants to be housed in the plenum
  • Lighter and less bulky than traditional screed
  • Provides a walkable surface, 100% bubble and height adjustable
  • Coatable with self-laying coversTotally accessible
  • Requires supports suitable for “Corner Lock” system

Sold by pallet of no. 70 pieces – 25.20 sqm Minimum order 12.60 sqm



excluding VAT



INCAPSULATED TRUCIULAR INTR29CL 600x600MM is an encapsulated panel with a high-density ecological wood chipboard core, encapsulated in press-folded galvanized steel sheet, for making raised floors for indoor use with the “Corner Lock” system that can be covered with self-laying coatings if necessary. Encapsulated panels in the range are 23 or 29 mm thick and are available with either chipboard or gypsum fiber core, depending on fire resistance requirements. They are suitable for creating elevated flooring for interiors with a steel finish by means of a versatile and easy installation type. Encapsulated panels sit directly on adjustable steel supports, part of the same product line, resting on the head gasket provided with special fins. Recommended system for increased load-bearing capacity of the raised floor by connecting all modules. Attach to the steel support heads using self-tapping screws.

Corner Lock Option

The INSIDE series is also available with the “Corner Lock” option, a system that allows each panel to be attached to the heads of the supports using self-tapping screws. Recommended system for increased load-bearing capacity of the raised floor, due to the connection of all modules to each other, without the use of additional crossbeams. The system offers:

  • maximum rigidity and stability even at the highest finished floor, without crossbarsaditional
  • protection from unauthorized access to the subfloor
  • maintenance of structural properties even in case of extraordinary interventions or alterations of fixtures and fittings in the subfloor area

Drilling on the 4 corners is done by numerically controlled machines ensuring the best possible calibration and interchangeability of each individual element.

Raised floor replaces traditional screed

There are countless advantages of the elevated with internally encapsulated panels, starting with the system itself but also and especially in relation to the possible self-laying coatings that can be used. The indoor raised system with encapsulated supports and panels replaces the traditional screed, providing savings in weight and raw material and fulfilling all the main functions required. Among them, it offers space for installations, leveling of floor elevations, smoothing for floor installation, acoustic, thermal and vapor barrier insulation, with minimal costs and weights and obvious advantages on structural, earthquake-proof and raw material consumption sizing.

Volume and space saving

Such a system also provides volume and space savings by allowing part of the technological systems to be housed in its plenum, thus reducing the overall height of the building. The floor will actually take up less space, even more due to the possibility of covering it with self-laying, low-thickness coatings. Another advantage of an elevated system is that it saves time and therefore costs by being able to install it immediately after the building facades are closed. By making site management streamlined, it reduces the building’s cost and construction time by making its spaces usable much earlier than with traditional systems.

Always fully accessible

There are numerous advantages regarding installation and maintenance: starting with the final floor coverings that can only be laid at the end of the construction site, facilitates maintenance operations of plenum installations, always fully accessible, allows you to renew the appearance of interior rooms by changing only the roofing without involving the underlying panels, reduces inconvenience to building occupants and minimizes intervention time. Finally, there are many solutions that, thanks to the special processing, can give the added value to the project: from perforations of all shapes and sizes for cable and plant outflow from the plenum, for air passage from the plenum, or even for plenum sealing under pressure or for acoustic insulation, thanks to special acoustic pads.

Floors walkable immediately, coatable after completion of work

Encapsulated panel technology has the tremendous advantage of being able to create floors that can be walked on immediately, and can be covered after the work is completed. In fact, one of the big problems associated with indoor flooring is its implementation and subsequent maintenance in the best state, until the end of site work. The use of encapsulated steel sheet panels enables the creation of walkable floors on the construction site, which can be soiled and scored. In fact, once all the site work is finished, it will be very easy to cover the encapsulated floor with self-laying coatings to give the finished floor the finish you want. In fact, there are numerous alternatives when it comes to the finishing of indoor raised floors, which, thanks to self-laying technology, allow them to be laid directly at the end of construction work, preserving their finish and quality until the affected spaces are open to the public.

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Product Information

Model nameINSIDE_TR29CL
Weight (Kg)10.30
Length (cm)60
Width (cm)60
Height (cm)2.9

Packaging Information




L1xL2xH [mm]



Half Pallet

35 Panels


12,60 sqm

Complete Pallet

70 Panels


25,20 sqm



Product classification

Classe carico massimo Int EN12825Class 5 - 10 kN
Classe flessione Int EN12825B - 3,0 mm
Reazione al fuocoBfl-s1
Resistenza al fuocoREI 60-r

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