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UNIVERSAL SUPPORT SU3 65-120MM is an adjustable support with a universal head, for tiles (fins 4 mm thick) and for decking or wpc (accessory included) for outdoor raised floors made of porcelain tile, siligranites, agglomerates, wood decking or wpc

  • Head for tiles, with easily removable 4 mm thick fins
  • Joist fixing accessory included, for decking systems (wood/wpc)
  • Square base for more immediate installation without cutting the base
  • The tilting base accessory is available to recover up to a 3% slope
  • Millimeter adjustment from 65 to 120 mm, even when the floor is finished
  • Made in 100% recyclable polypropylene PP
  • Weather, frost, acid and UV resistant

Sold in boxes of no. 20 pieces – minimum order no. 60 pieces



UNIVERSAL SUPPORT SU3 65-120MM is an adjustable outdoor raised floor support withuniversal head , with 4 mm thick fins for tiles and theincluded accessory to make the head suitable for all types of joists (for decking/wpc). The GOBUILD Pedestal product range offers a range of fixed and adjustable products to guarantee a versatile and easy to install outdoor raised flooring in plates or planks

Special universal head for plates or planks

The GOBUILD SU adjustable supports are equipped with a special accessory included to make the head suitable for all types of joists, to be fitted and fixed on the head in correspondence with the prearranged holes. This accessory makes the pedestals suitable for installing plates, but also for fixing all types of joists and battens with screws for laying any type of decking and wpc or for laying multi-format plates. The versatility of SU supports allows you to always have the right product for the type of installation required, reducing the number of pedestal models to have available. One support, infinite possibilities of use!

Maximum installation speed thanks to the square base

The base of the GOBUILD SU pedestals has been designed to facilitate the installation of outdoor raised floors starting from the substructure, reducing wasted time to a minimum and speeding up all stages of the process. The special square base in fact allows the direct installation of the supports in corner or perimeter areas without the need to cut any portion of the base itself, with the consequent advantage of saving precious time during the installation phase of the substructure. The advantages don’t end here: the square base with the special vertical fins in fact favors the installation of vertical side edges, cut to size, without the use of metal clips; only the butt clips of the supports will be needed, if needed.

Adjustable support… in a workmanlike manner

The height of the head is adjustable, to allow you to obtain the desired height for the raised floor, even with the floor finished thanks to the exclusive red adjustment key. The adjustable pedestals of the GOBUILD SU line offer the opportunity to have a finished top from a minimum of 25 mm up to a maximum of 225 mm in complete safety. Heights greater than 225 mm can be reached with the SU supports in combination with the relative PSU extensions, which can be installed up to a maximum of 2 units. By adjusting the SU supports you will be able to have a perfectly flat floor and compensate for any slopes or unevenness of the roof slab. Pedestal that can be used together with the slope compensator accessory to be inserted under the base to compensate for up to a 3% slope, to always level the walking surface.

70% recycled and 100% recyclable materials

GOBUILD’s SU pedestals are produced in PP coming from 70% recycled plastic material, in turn 100% recyclable, resistant to atmospheric agents and frost, acids, aging and UV rays. These characteristics make it one of the most sustainable products on the market, with minimal impact in terms of energy consumption for its production and the related emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. In addition, they guarantee superior durability throughout their entire useful life.

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Model nameSU031120712
Weight (Kg)0.285
Length (cm)20.5
Width (cm)20.5
Height (cm)6.50

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15 Boxes

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