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36,00 €/m2 excluding VAT 95,40 €/pack

DÉCO CLAP!GO 181X1220MM is a plank made of mineral and polymer powder compositewith 1 mm thick mat included for faster installation and increased acoustic performance

  • Low thickness: 4 mm + 1 mm mat included
  • Innovative U-click interlocking system
  • Also perfect on existing floors
  • Suitable for humid environments, totally waterproof
  • Faster laying than with conventional LVTs
  • Superior acoustic performance thanks to the included mat

Sold in boxes of 12 pieces – 2.65 m2. Minimum order 10.60 sqm



excluding VAT



DÉCO CLAP!GO 181X1220MM is a mineral-polymer powder composite, self-laying plank based on innovative U-click technology for making indoor flooring. This product is also perfect for use in combination with encapsulated panels on steel supports, to create original finishes on raised indoor floors. The 1 mm mat included gives the product significant advantages: from quick installation to increasing the acoustic performance of the complete floor.

Stability and robustness

For the Clap! collection, Déco uses a revolutionary technology that gives the material amazing stability
and a higher tolerance level when laying on surfaces that are not perfectly level and coplanar. By introducing a mineral powder component into the manufactured compound, Clap! coatings are distinguished by unparalleled robustness and offer extremely superior performance to traditional LVT. Clap!GO is equipped with a transparent polyurethane (PU) final protective layer that protects the material from dust and UV rays, the thickness of which varies depending on the strength of the floor covering. Increasing the thickness increases the wear resistance of the floor covering.

Minimal thickness and one-click installation

Clap! boasts a new patented interlocking system, U-click. Thanks to its unrivalled installation speed and minimal thickness, Clap! is the ideal answer to those who are looking for a cladding with a simple and immediate application even on pre-existing floors, even with radiant floor heating. The total absence of joints makes Clap! completely waterproof and therefore also suitable for application in wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. Subject to almost no expansion, the Clap! planks have an integrated mattress pad that not only ensures improved acoustic insulation of the floor but also facilitates installation. With a simple and unique installation method, Clap! succeeds in meeting all indoor living requirements.

Innovative U-click interlocking system

The innovative U-click interlocking system represents a major evolution and significant advantages over traditional systems. An interlocking joint structure on the heads saves laying time, allows laying on any type of surface, greater strength and stability, waterproofing, maximum adhesion between the planks and therefore almost no joints. The high quality standard is therefore combined with versatility to meet every customer need.

Interior cladding collection

Clap!GO is the well-established collection of interior wall coverings by Déco designed to offer, in a single line, a wide range
of solutions to totally revolutionise the visual impact and way of living indoors. Complete with finishes
wood and stone effect and of 3 formats with which to cover both walls and floors, Clap!GO is the perfect complement to the Clap!3D collection. With its reduced format and even lower thickness, Clap!GO is the ideal answer to contemporary design needs that require both functionality, aesthetics, accessibility to the product and less and less invasive implementations. A constantly expanding range that reveals a new world in building and interior design, where the product becomes a vehicle for values and properties that go beyond mere functionality. Technical performance is taken to the highest level and at the same time tells a story inspired by nature, the same story that Clap! helps to safeguard in the production chain that makes the product 100% eco-friendly.


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Weight (Kg)8.2
Length (cm)122
Width (cm)0.181
Height (cm)0.4

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Box12 pieces

2,65 mqs

Half Pallet

22 boxes

264 pieces

58,30 mqs

Complete Pallet

55 boxes

660 boxes 145,75 mqs1000x1300x7001195,15

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